Best Impact Drivers - Makita BTD142 Stands Tall

Published: 23rd May 2011
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Remodeling? Have you heard about impact drivers yet? They are getting lots of praise from inside the DIY and construction circles. If you are not one of the "insiders", you may not have heard, but the word is getting out.

Leading the way toward this industry revolution regarding how fasteners are handled is the Makita BTD142 Cordless Impact Driver.

Cordless is not new. In fact, remodelers and many construction professionals have long favored cordless tools. Extension cords are "old school." No more worries about disconnected plugs or untangling cords.

Everyone knows and loves cordless drills. It has been the most popular of all cordless tools. With the improvement of battery and tool technology, there is now a cordless version for virtually every type of construction tool.

One of the more recent tools to make its mark is the impact driver. Workers are finding it very handy, especially when applying fasteners.

The word has gotten out, but very slowly. Trade magazines have had reviews and stories about impact drivers for a few years now. However, most of the current users of impact drivers are discovering them from a friend or fellow worker. Magazines are not the only place that has been proclaiming the value of these tools. Just read the user comments at online tool stores. Borrowed tools are the reason most users become believers. This is born out in the user comments.

Surprise is usually somewhere in the review. Then comes the praise for how effective the tool is. Check out this comment:

"I'm a lead carpenter for a residential remodeler. I've owned 11 cordless drills over the years (currently I have 4) and this Makita is not only the best of the bunch, by far, it may be the best power tool I own. I've had it for about a month now and I've used it everyday. "

And another: "After a month of use I am extremely happy with the performance and my purchase. It does an impressive job of driving screws of all types and sizes. Significantly better than anything else I have used... "

The power of a Makita BTD142 impact driver leaves drill drivers lacking.

The lithium-ion battery that comes with the tool is also now the preferred battery type. In this case, it is a compact battery.

The size compared to the power is what surprises most first-time users. How can such a small tool deliver such power and efficiency? Technology improvements.. nuf said.

Lithium-ion batteries are replacing the older nicad batteries. The lithium-ion batteries deliver more consistently because they do not have power drain as they sit on a shelf or in the van waiting to be used like the nicads do. Even if you leave the tool idle for a month, the battery will not lose power. When you need it, the tool will be ready.

In the case of the Makita BTD142, the battery is compact. This means half the weight because the battery is half the size of a regular battery. The result is less fatigue over long periods of use. Of course, the battery does not last as long as a full size one, but the positive side of that is that it charges in about 15 minutes.

Driving deck screws, lag bolts, and even concrete fasteners has just become easier. Impact drivers are also good for working on cars, planes and trains, and maybe even a boat. Do you have tough, corroded bolts and screws that will not budge with your normal cordless drill or screwdriver? The impact driver will handle the job.

Find someone with an impact driver and give it a test drive. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Makita has always been a trusted name in tools. The Makita BTD142 Cordless Compact Impact Driver has proven to be a strong performer.

Be sure to visit for more about the Makita BTD142 Impact Driver.

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