Beginner's Canon DSLR Camera - T2i OR T3i

Published: 22nd March 2011
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Buying a new Canon Rebel DSLR camera just got a bit more difficult. Now you have to decide between the Canon Rebel T2i or T3i.

Is the Canon Rebel T3i truly an upgrade? That is the question under consideration right now, and many reviewers are weighing in on the subject. We will look at all the aspects of this discussion, so make sure you read the total article before deciding for yourself.

Let's begin with the major features. A couple of things that everyone looks at first are the image sensor and the processor, and these are identical in both digital SLRs. That simply means that image quality will be equal in each camera.

To go along with that, some of the other benchmarks for camera comparison are also identical. The T3i has equal ISO settings, as well as the same video feature. The ability to capture 3.7 still frames per second has not changed either.

The first chief difference comes in the LCD panel. With the newest Rebel, you have a swivel panel that can be positioned so that you can take photos from tricky positions, either above or below where you would not be able to position a Canon Rebel T2i and still be able to see the LCD screen.

So a vari-angle LCD panel actually is a big advantage for the Canon Rebel T3i.

Another convenience in the new Rebel T3i is the potential to remotely fire more than one flash when taking a photograph. This sounds more like a pro feature, but it is unquestionably something that is not available on the T2i.

Now let's look a little closer at video. You can now employ the "movie digital zoom" to zoom in to the center of the video by a factor of 3x to 10x without any degradation of the video quality. Auto focus has also been upgraded so that there is more manual control whenever in video mode.

It could be that the real advantage of the Canon Rebel T3i vs T2i comes in some of the creative features available now on the new model.

First, there is a new video component that allows you to take short video clips and have them stitched together inside the camera. This is done by selecting the length of the clips. You can choose between 2 sec, 4 sec, or 8 sec clip lengths, then the camera does its magic.

A second creative selection is Basic +. Inside Basic+ there are two creative output choices. The first is choosing an ambience setting and the second is shooting by lighting or scene type.

If you choose the ambience setting, the camera does its thing by changing the color and saturation along with sharpness and contrast to create the selected ambience for that shot.

With lighting or scene type, the camera employs some Creative Filters for 5 different effects. These are Fish-eye, Miniature, Soft focus, Grainy Black and White, and Toy Camera.

Saving the most helpful feature for last, lots of those who are new to digital SLR photography will value the Feature Guide that is now included in the T3i software. When you change the camera settings, the new choice is displayed in the LCD panel with a statement of what that setting will do.

The Canon Rebel T3i vs T2i discourse boils down to some rather subtle changes to the feature set and one important change in the hardware.

See the two cameras side-by-side here ==>

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